Top 3 Outstanding Benefits for Start Yoga

Top 3 Outstanding Benefits for Start Yoga

Top 3 outstanding benefits of yoga
Top 3 outstanding benefits of yoga

In this article, you will know how yoga helps to transform you, how it suitable for you?  Why you have to make a habit of doing yoga every day? And many more interesting facts and benefits of yoga…..

1. How does yoga help?

Yoga is not just doing some postures or exercises, it is much more. It is to expand your awareness, sharpen your intellect & enhance intuitive ability.

Many people think that yoga is boring. Yoga has to do at old age not now. Unexpectedly if they try yoga for the first time, if they fail to do postures then they think that they can’t do it or that is not their cup of tea.

But to be honest, yoga is not only about postures. Postures are part of yoga. Apart from it yoga also includes pranayama ( called breathing technique), meditation, yoga Nidra (body & mind relaxation technique) and chanting. 

This yoga technique makes a person mentally peaceful & calm, physically fit & good in shape, spiritually strong from inside, emotionally very balanced. All of this makes a person physically and mentally calm & peaceful, relaxed, spiritually awaken. Spirituality is not about religion. It means knowing about yourself.

warrior -2 posture or veerabhadrasana
This is a warrior- 2 posture or virabhadrasana. This posture strengthens and tone lower back, arms, legs.

2. Why I have to do yoga?

Nowadays all professionals even the entire world is facing one common disease is called tension’. Tension for exams, studies, career, love, marriage, tension for past, future, even for the present. Then when you can enjoy the real happiness of life?

Life is a one-time precious gift. You can make it worst or happy with your emotions. Emotions play a vital role in every bodies life. With yoga practice, emotions can be balanced not only tension or anger or love also other emotions.

I can say emotions are valuable things in life. That can make you higher and higher in life or puts you down. With yoga practise one can control their emotions. Yoga enhances the smile on your face. A smile makes you more beautiful than any other.

Wonderful meditation posture
This is the best meditation posture to relax the mind and body.

3. Yoga is a therapy

Yoga can cure many chronic diseases like cardiovascular diseases, cancer, respiratory diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, diabetics, Alzheimer, endometriosis, epilepsy, hypertension, mental illness, migraines, obesity, thyroid and many more. In one single sentence yoga can cure all mental and physical problems.

Psychology says if you do anything continuously for 21 days that becomes a habit if you do it for 90 days that becomes your routine. But if you do yoga just for 1 week then it will become your favourite. you will fall in love with it. Because that transforms you mentally and physically.

You can experience real joy. Yoga introduces you to yourself in a new way. It gives you eternal happiness. It awakens the inner child in you. For staring good habits you no need to wait for a perfect time, start it from today onwards.

  • YOGA makes you physically fit
  • Mentally peaceful
  • Spiritually strong
  • Emotionally balanced

               — Anjali vipula

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Anjali vipula
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