What Is The Definition & Meaning of Yoga

What Is The Definition & Meaning of Yoga

Defination & meaning of yoga
Defination & meaning of yoga

In this article, you will come to know the meaning and definition of yoga and many more interesting facts & benefits of yoga.

Sanskrit definition of yoga :

The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit root word “yuz”. It means to unite or to join. Yoga means uniting the body and the mind with the soul.

The word yoga exactly means that which brings you to reality. When you will come to know the true value of life, importance and proper usage of emotions, the purpose of life then you will make your life more beautiful, that happens with the yoga sadhana (practice).

Your intuition levels will enhance. You will become more joyful and you will get lifelong contentment. Yoga buries all your negativity, helps to enhance positivity.

Patanjali’s definition of yoga :

The great sage Patanjali, gave one of the best definitions of yoga. “citta vritti nirodah” means yoga controls the fluctuations of the mind.

Yoga Meditation
Yoga Meditation

Nowadays everyone has mental stress & anxiety and emotional imbalance, with yoga practice your mind, emotions can be controlled by yourself, not by the circumstances or situations which are happening around you.

According to me, a wealthy person who is having the mental strength to tackle the situations or dealing with the emotions wisely, mental strength is the greater asset than any other physical asset. Emotions and mindset play a vital role in a person’s life. Yoga practice makes you feel mentally stable and mentally feel fresh always.

Yoga Salutation
Yoga Salutation

Yoga facts :

Yoga means not just doing some mental or physical exercises. It’s much more. It builds emotional stability and calms the mind. Uniting your actions, thoughts, life and yourself with the divine. You will be enlightened. Yoga is a spiritual discipline. Yoga controls the fluctuations of the mind. This helps you to manage your life with right decisions & cope up with it.

Mainly yoga is a science of self-awareness it means you will be coming to know more about yourself. Self-development and self-transformation happen automatically. Yoga is the science of right living, it’s deliberately needed in daily life.

Yoga is the most valuable inheritance of the present. It works on all aspects of the person. Physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually. On a more practical level yoga is a means of balancing & harmonizing the body, mind, emotions. The practise of yoga awakens the spiritual self, awareness develops of the inter-relation between the emotional, mental & physical levels.

From the physical body, yoga moves on to the mental & emotional levels. Many people suffer from phobias and fears as a result of stress. Yoga helps to cope up with it. Yoga aims to tackle the problems which arise from the external. It gives you holistic health, freedom from mental disturbances, contentment, peace.


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