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Hello there,

My name is Anjali. I’m an internationally certified yoga trainer with yoga alliance the USA and certified Digital Marketer & founder of vipula yoga blog.  

I started this blog to share my knowledge of yoga, health, fitness, nutrition. I strongly believe that food is medicine, yoga is the cure. In this 21st century, people are habituated to eat nutritionless food which just satisfies hunger. People are forgetting to give time to yoga/exercises. When I talk to many people I came to know that due to lack of awareness, people don’t think much about food which gives nutrition and health, yoga which really adds magic to our lives.

People are paying attention to drugs that reduce diseases but not paying attention to the diet/yoga that prevents diseases. Then I decided to make awareness about it. That’s the reason behind to start this blog.  

This blog is all about generating good awareness and content about yoga and fitness, natural health tips and nutrition. This blog enhances your interest in health. Stay connected with vipulayoga for more valuable information. I also give live online yoga/ fitness sessions. if you’re interested reach us at [email protected] 


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